"What's sweeter than feeling happiness?  Spreading joy."

It was with this sweetness in mind that LaRay's® cookies evolved from the product of one girl's hobby to a countrywide treasure.  In 2011, co-founder Lauren Strong found herself vocationally challenged (OK, let's be real, she was fired from her previous job) and started baking cookies as a form of relaxation and recuperation.  It was through perfecting the ambitious act of baking cookies from scratch that she more than bounced back personally, and she raised the spirits of those around her simultaneously.  Her cookies simply made people happy.  

"But who would pay to buy my cookies?" she often wondered.  It turns out that the answer is: basically everyone.  With the encouragement of her partner Ray, Lauren created LaRay's® in 2011, to the immediate satisfaction of customers throughout the country, ranging from Lauren's hometown of Green Bay, WI to her new home in NYC, and everywhere in between.  With one-of-a-kind creations such as The Signature (warm vanilla combined with Oreos and milk) and The Velvet Rope (red velvet with white chocolate), LaRay's® has established itself as a premier cookie company.

Not only have Lauren's cookies brought smiles to the faces of countless individuals across the country, they have left a wide assortment of prominent clients pleasantly satiated, including MTV, Barney's New York, J.P. Morgan, adidas, and Gant.  Lauren even had the pleasure of baking cookies for the crew of NBC's The Chew.  With baking no longer just a hobby, Lauren has grown to realize that there's more than one way to bake a career.  So she now spends her days blissfully cooking up concoctions of joy and spreading happiness, a bit with every bite.